The road to healing your relationship with your unique voice.


Finding a healthy, balanced voice is the first step to enjoying singing again.

You know your voice better than anyone else and that's why it's key that you start within to reclaim ownership of your voice.

We know that everything begins at the foundation, so we need to tap into that and build from the ground up. This applies to singers of all levels! Whether you're just learning the ropes or you were taught poor technique, foundations are key and I promise you you'll learn something new.

“Prior to this course, I was very hard on myself. I judged and compared my singing to others. It made it really difficult and caused me a ridiculous amount of panic. Hannah’s course is AMAZING! Her positive energy, clear explanations, and encouragement helped me become a more confident singer.”



  • You found more consistency and control when singing
  • You discovered the right exercises for YOUR voice
  • You learned to unpack your vocal baggage
  • You began healing your relationship with your voice
  • You finally enjoy singing again
“Before the course, my voice felt tired, sore, and fragile whenever I tried to use it. The techniques I’d developed were no longer working and my lack of training was beginning to have consequences. Through Reclaim Your Voice, I learned how much tiny exercises can make a difference! My voice felt noticeably stronger and more in control. Hannah has an encouraging, positive, and sparkling personality. She makes you feel very safe and supported.”



Build a healthy mindset and KICKASS technique to fall in love with singing again.

What's Included:

  • 3 pre-recorded video lessons that meet you where you and give you the guidance you need to uncover or relearn the fundamentals of singing. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn, regardless of what level you’re at.
  • Exercises that are customizable to your own unique voice. There is no one-size-fits-all approach so you get to choose what works best for you (higher and lower tracks) because you know your voice better than anyone else.
  • Email support with me. I’m here for you and invested in your vocal journey, so if
    you have any questions or concerns — you can always reach out to me.

Hi friends, I'm Hannah.

There was a point in my life where my voice was my entire identity. Over time, I worked with many teachers who were at best, inept and at worse, straight up harmful. My passion went out the window and I fell head first into major vocal self doubt. It was so bad, I actually took an entire year off of singing! It wasn’t until I found a fabulous teacher who helped me find control and consistency in my voice that I was able to work through my vocal baggage. She was the one who encouraged me to become a voice teacher and ultimately changed the trajectory of my life.

Becoming completely, passionately, and overwhelmingly in love with myself was key to reclaiming my voice.

Which is why I created this course to encourage you to start within and build on the nuances of your voice in a positive way. Finding a healthy, balanced voice is a beautiful process and I’m so excited to help you through it!

“Before, I didn’t trust my voice and felt like the relationship I had with singing was built on anxiety and lack of control. Hannah is the first vocal teacher that I have felt any sort of progress while working, due to her focus on the psychological side of singing and vocal baggage. Reclaim Your Voice is like having a benchmark vault of golden vocal information in your back pocket at all times that you can constantly refer back to! It was super useful to invest in.”


Reclaim Your Voice is the course you need to build a healthy, balanced voice through:

Registers 101 + Vocal Anatomy
We’ll dive right in with vocal anatomy, registers, and what it all means in your voice. Plus, you’ll get to nerd out with me! Get ready to learn a TON.

Connecting Your Voice in the Middle
We put everything together and bridge the gap between our chest and head registers. We work on strengthening the middle of our voice through mixing so we can find vocal balance.

Practicing Effectively for Fast Results
The way we feel about our voice is just as important as the exercises we’re using. To ensure that you’re practicing correctly, you’ll have an opportunity to customize the exercises to your voice.

So many of us singers lose sight of our own voice. Maybe a teacher, mentor, or loved one gave us criticism we haven’t been able to shake. Or maybe our own limiting beliefs took away the joy of singing. You can heal that vocal baggage and enjoy singing again. Remember, your voice belongs to you!

Ready to reignite your passion for singing?



  • 3 pre-recorded video lessons
  • Singing exercises customizable to your voice
  • Email access to me
  • Lifetime access

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  • 3 pre-recorded video lessons
  • Singing exercises customizable to your voice
  • Email access to me
  • Lifetime access